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    To First Ave

    Professional Music and Design for your Live Performance Ensemble

    Hello, and thank you for choosing First Avenue Music. We are a team of professional composers, designers and educators dedicated to developing innovative, fresh productions for Indoor Percussion, Marching Band, Drum Corps and Percussion Ensemble.

    Our clients range from high school marching bands to professional performance groups and everywhere in between. When we're not designing and composing the newest addition to our ever expanding and popular Catalogue, we're out there on the field or in the gym teaching right along side you.

    Our shows are designed by some of the most innovative and passionate individuals in the marching arts and their design concepts go far beyond ink on paper. The First Avenue Team is dedicated to designing shows that will have your ensemble sounding its best, be it in a football stadium, arena, or high school gym.


    All scores begin the same way. How will yours end?

    -- Nathan Moses-Gonzales, First Avenue Music Business Manager

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    The Product

    Discover your show. Gain our Experience

    Whether you're new to this activity, or a seasoned director, First Avenue Music has the ability to get you where you want to go. If you are interested in getting to know the quality of our product, you can begin by exploring our Catalogue. We pride ourselves on professional quality publishing on every First Avenue production. Once you've picked your show, the purchasing process is quick and simple, getting you that much closer to the season your ensemble deserves.

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  4. The Process

    Dream | Create | Perform

    Countless hours are spent imagining, sculpting, and detailing each First Avenue Production.

    Whether you purchase a Catalogue Show or choose to create a fresh commission, you'll get that custom look and feel that will set you apart in the sea of marching arts.

    Be sure to stay up on all things First Avenue by visiting our blog!

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